Saturday, May 18, 2013

KanYe West's Best Tracks

I ran into a list of KanYe's best songs by Complex Magazine. While they got all of the songs right, I feel they got the top 10 order wrong. Below are Complex's top 10, and then my top 10 (you can see the whole list here).


10. Heatless
9. Through the Wire
8. All of the Lights
7. Stronger
6. All Falls Down
5. Diamonds from Sierra Leone
4. Niggas in Paris
3. Runnaway
2. Flashing Lights
1. Can't Tell Me Nothing

My List

10. Otis
9. Gold Digger
8. Homecoming
7. Never Let Me Down
6. Touch the Sky
5. Heard Em Say
4. Monster
3. Runnaway
2. All of the Lights
1. Jesus Walks

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