Saturday, May 18, 2013

KanYe West's Best Tracks

I ran into a list of KanYe's best songs by Complex Magazine. While they got all of the songs right, I feel they got the top 10 order wrong. Below are Complex's top 10, and then my top 10 (you can see the whole list here).


10. Heatless
9. Through the Wire
8. All of the Lights
7. Stronger
6. All Falls Down
5. Diamonds from Sierra Leone
4. Niggas in Paris
3. Runnaway
2. Flashing Lights
1. Can't Tell Me Nothing

My List

10. Otis
9. Gold Digger
8. Homecoming
7. Never Let Me Down
6. Touch the Sky
5. Heard Em Say
4. Monster
3. Runnaway
2. All of the Lights
1. Jesus Walks

Monday, May 13, 2013

Death of the Mixtape

If you were born in the 90's or after you might have missed out on a cultural phenominon in music: the mixtape. A good mixtape could be a lot of things, from creating roadtrip memories to professing your love to your highschool sweetheart. The existence of the mixtape really started with the cassette tape.

I spent my childhood waiting by the stereo waiting for my faviorite song to come on the radio. When the right song started, you had to be on your A game to make sure you hit record fast enough to get the intro. If you were lucky enough to not have a DJ drop or  talking at the end of song, you had a decent copy of a song. Then you wait for the next song....and the next.....and the next. As you can see, mixtapes were very time consuming, but rewarding.

 Life got a lot easier when MP3s and CDs came along. CDs allowed you to rip songs off of other CDs or download MP3s to make the perfect mix. One of the more fun things I did in highschool was being apart of the mixtape club.We have about 12 people that would exchange names each week and would have the duty of making a mixtape for that person. Sometimes the theme would be favorite songs, sometimes rock ballads, sometimes worst boyband. All in all, it was always fun to get home and hear what your friend felt you needed to listen to that week.